I'm Married!

Guess what, guys?

I'm married! And that means I'm back in blog world, too. Man, even for a pretty chill bride like myself, I can't believe what an epic, crazy journey that I just went through. The wedding was GREAT and everyone had a wonderful time (including the two of us!), but MAN I'm glad Keith and I can move on to actually being married and enjoying this new chapter of our lives! Ahhhhhhh…..

Naturally, I had to illustrate and design a few things including our programs, menus, and invitations. A really fun project was creating custom mugs featuring the portraits of each member from our wedding party (see above). For our favors, I decided to create magnets featuring common "Lauren" characters, like a luchador and a bird wearing boots! Bonus: the day I ordered these, zazzle.com was offering 50% off of orders. Score!

Even though we had been engaged for over a year, I still had NO idea what I wanted to do for the invitation! I asked Keith to art direct, and I think together we came up with something totally appropriate for us.

We ended up going to Cancun for our honeymoon and stayed at an amazing all-inclusive resort that was adults only, served delicious food, and was very modern. Perfect for relaxing!

Now we are back in Nashville! Currently I am getting ready for a solo show in November here in Music City and continue to work on some fun art for a current illustration client. After our tropical honeymoon, I am truly loving the cooler fall weather (hello jackets and boots!) and looking forward to a Halloween party or two. Signing off with some more wedding pics. Take Care!

dad and i aisle.jpg