Last Projects From C.R. Gibson

It is a little strange to think that only seven months ago I left my job at C.R. Gibson to return to the freelance life and teaching. While I was gearing up to leave (and fantasizing about sleeping in again), there were several projects that I was handling this past winter that are now on the market! A lot of the time in-house designers are working with other artists' work, but with these it was fun to be illustrating and conceptualizing the products myself. 

Probably my favorite product available right now is this guided journal I worked on. I did the illustration and hand-lettering that turned into the gold foil cover (guess I was ahead of that trend, eh?) and the inside had full-color pages that featured my flowers in different ways. A former co-worker and friend told me that out of the four guided journals we produced, this one is the top seller. Woo! Order it here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.16.22 PM.png

Awww, I have a feeling my mom will be ordering a few of these for our family pups! So cool to see this…well if not in person yet than at least on the website! It features printed burlap and a felt-lined frame on the front so you can insert a picture of your furry friend (and yes, there is a cat version available).  See it in more detail here.

I can't wait to have one of several pet ornaments I designed for Starbuck. This is my favorite, the dog house one. Other ornaments are cat-related or are "species neutral" we'll say. I even got to write the sentiments on most of the products, such as the "Dogs are just furry angels" message on the ornament above. Find it on the CRG site plus much more in the holiday section like pet frames and notepads.

In a way, seeing these items is like fondly closing the book on that chapter of my life. Can't wait to order these for my own use! Can I still get that employee discount?? Pretty please??