Cruise Sketchbook Fun Time

Recently, Keith and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Hooray! We went on a cruise. Mind you, my family never went on cuises, so I've only been recently introduced to them through my trips with Keith. And I kinda love them. I never knew one could be so busy yet so lazy all at the same time, but that's sort of the vibe of being on a cruise. 

"Quick! Let's go get breakfast and then walk 2 minutes to 90's music trivia (note: we won it) and then we'll change into our bathing suits so we can walk another minute to the pool. We only have so many days to try every ridiculous tropical drink on the bar menu! Move out!"

This trip was different for one reason: I brought my sketchbook. Truthfully, I admire all the amazing travel sketchbooks I see from other artists. They document the food they eat and interesting sights...all while being beautifully executed. However, I've never really done it before. I love my art, but taking my sketchbook with me feels like I'm "taking my work on vacation" to some degree. It's just the way my mind works, and I want to 100% shut off and force myself to chill. BUT, this time I gave in and just brought along the small sketchbook I've been working in lately. Nothing special. 

It actually turned out really well. I was able to come up with some new ideas that I'm genuinely excited about (ocean views and beer helps the creative process apparently) plus I had a chance to just draw for fun. A couple of times I sat in a high-traffic area and drew people as they walked by. I only had a few minutes or less to observe them, then I would use that impression to "inspire" a character.

There was also this one couple in the pool that I had to document with a comic.

hey bra scan.jpeg