Summer Catch Up

So my summer has pretty much swept me away with family visits, fun times with friends, lake trips, teaching two classes, and some fun collaborations with new and existing clients. Summer has been GOOD. Blog, I'm you forgive me for neglecting you? I'm always telling my students if they blog to update it regularly (only for my inner dialogue to scold me for not following my own advice). But you understand, blog. Right? There's sun out there and places to go and things to see this summer. Sigh...

Truly, it has been a great summer so far. Keith and I have started to venture out and discover more of our new town outside Nashville, and one of our favorite things about our new place is the fact that it's a quick drive from several lakes. One in particular has been a great location for us to just run out to after work and spend an hour swimming, fishing, and hanging out on the sand beach (yeah, it's got a sand beach)!


There's also been some great summer events, like our friend Amy who rented out an entire skating rink for her 90's themed birthday party. I still had a 90's Blind Melon "No Rain" video Bee Girl costume...ok, hold see, my husband is in a 90's cover band and they play a BIG New Year's Eve show in Nashville, and I went on stage during their performance of "No Rain" as the Bee Girl. If you're the right age HOPEFULLY you understand the reference, because anyone in their mid 20's at the party had no idea who or what I was and it was just embarrassing (for THEM! HA!).

(In the photo above, I have a blue mouth from eating a blue raspberry Ring Pop AND I'm holding a cut out of The Fresh Price of Bel-Air. Livin' the dream!)

I've also been 100% thrilled teaching my illustration and art licensing students this summer at Watkins College of Art. Both classes are doing great and they come with  a lot of passion and thirst for knowledge, which is contagious! It's taken a while, but I've finally figured out what an advanced licensing class looks like for the Fall semester. (Took the first class with me and interested in Round 2? Check it out here.) This Fall I'll also be teaching undergraduates again, so maybe my future students are checking out my website and blog and wondering why their insane future teacher is dressed as a 90's bee reference.

Meanwhile, on the work front I've gotten some great gigs such as greeting cards, wall art, and possibly some new categories for myself. Jennifer Nelson Artists just turned 6 months old, and I can't believe how much the agency has done since first launching. Jennifer has been a great teacher and the other artists are just such wonderful, creative group to know.

Happy Happy Art Collective just had an exciting meeting discussing new group projects coming up, and I think you guys are really going to enjoy it if you are a follower of HHAC. These projects have been a great way to push myself (and some have even gotten licensed). In addition, we're going to be updating our site soon and giving it a little sprucing up. Be on the look out!

Hope you are having an amazing summer, too!