What a Summer!

So let's start this off with a new piece I completed for friends, shall we? This baby is all acryla gouache.

It has been a great summer (but seriously, how is it going by so fast?)

I got to go to ICON9 and it was a great week in Austin talking to Illustrators and friends. I roomed with fellow Happy Happy Collective members Denis Holmes and Emily Balsley. You can read more about our experience on our HH blog. It gave me a lot to think about both as an illustrator and educator.

In the works are two new projects that I'm excited to be doing, although one definitely has some tech elements that make it intimidating! Luckily, it's a great team I'm working with. August 19th I'll be back at Watkins teaching Illustration students- can't wait!  Also exciting is the fact that in early September my husband and I will be going to Tokyo. This will be my third visit; his second. A couple nights ago, I was a nervous wreck stalking my computer for the release of September's Ghibli Museum ticket release, and I was AMAZINGLY happy (and relieved) to score two! I've never been, but since they just finsied renovations it seems like the perfect time. Follow me on Instagram ( @laurenmincolowen ) to follow along our Japan adventure and see what art tidbits I'm posting in the meantime!