YIPPIEE KI YAY 2017 (AKA: 8 Thoughts I had New Year's Eve)

It's interesting to see how Instagram and such has really changed the way people (and artists) share. I've entertained ditching the blog, but there are posts about Surtex, the creative process, etc., that still work well in the blog format (I'm still tickled- and humbled- to receive messages from people who stumble upon old posts and let me know it helped them in some way). As a teacher, I feel like it's also the perfect vessel for those more "teacher-y" thoughts. For 2017, I've set a reminder on my phone to do at least one blog post every week. Sometimes it might be gold. Other times it might just be those gold-foiled chocolate coins (still good, but not as good as real gold).

This time I'm just sharing how I closed out 2016. It was in a packed venue in Nashville listening to my husband and our super-talented friends perform 90's songs in My So-Called Band. Here's two of the NYE flyers I illustrated for them.

I woke up this morning too early after only four hours of sleep (because my body decided to be a jerk on the first day of 2017). Did I get up and start being super productive? NOPE. I laid there for another two hours trying to wrap myself in all the perfect moments from the previous night, the ones that make me wish we had some sort of Star Trek tech/Harry Potter magic to capture all the details and save them for later...and cringing a couple of times as I thought OH GOD, did I say that/do that/dance like that? Did that person notice? Is everything cool? I think everything is cool.

The night pretty much went like this:

- OOOOO Pizza! I've been craving pizza for days.

- Ugh, black olives.

- PEPPERONI. JACK POT. I hope the band doesn't mind that I'm taking the first slice.

- Vanilla vodka with Red Bull is a drink that should not exist.

- I unintentionally wore a jumpsuit just like the three female vocalists. Obviously I should be on stage as the unofficial fourth girl. Call me Spazzy Spice.

- Intergalactic! I know all the words! nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh I LIKE MY SUGAR WITH COFFEE AND CREAM nuh nuh nuh...

- If I were a dancing werewolf, my full moon would be Jump Around.



Happy 2017!